Export a paving layout

The export feature allows you to transfer a paving layout created with AutoDalle to another software.

Two kinds of export are proposed : Export to Google Sketchup and export to DXF file (Drawing exchange format) that will give you the possibility to use the paving layout in CAD software.

Export your paving layout into Google Sketchup

If you want to get a realistic simulation of your project, AutoDalle allows you to create a plugin to transfer your paving layout into Google SketchUp.

You can then, from the Google Sketchup application, choose a texture for the paving, add pieces of furniture, (tables, chairs, plants,…), add a texture for the water in a pool…

You will get an excellent graphical simulation of your terrasse totaly finish and laid out.

Export your paving layout to DXF format

AutoDalle allows you to export paving layouts in DXF format (Drawing eXchange Format).

DXF is a file format used for vectorial data transfert. It contains information for visualisation of graphical data and is supported by almost all CAD softwares.

With this feature, you can import paving layouts created with AutoDalle into CAD softwares such as AutoCAD, SolidWork, TurboCAD, etc.