Software activation

To pave a terrace with dimensions greater than 2 x 2 meters, and possibly add more than one excluded area, you must purchase an activation key. To do this, visit the payment page
A few minutes after your payment, you will receive the information necessary to activate the software. Open the activation window by clicking the lock button   and enter your name, e-mail and the key.
To facilitate the activation procedure, from the email containing your activation informations, select the four lines Name, First name, e-mail and key, right click and then select “Copy”. Then simply click the button to automatically transfer the activation data.
A validation button is displayed to indicate that keyed-in informations are correct, click on this button to finish the software activation.
How to get activation informations only with email address given during paypal payment:
Enter the email address entered during the payment process and click on the download button . This method allows you to activate the software without waiting for the email message containing the key and your invoice. This solution will be especially useful if you gave a wrong email address during the payment process.