AutoDalle, Paving pattern generator : Software overview

create random patterns for paving slabs with AutoDalle, the best paving pattern generator

AutoDalle is a paving pattern generator that creates random patterns for paving slab.

This kind of laying pattern is called the Roman Opus Pattern or also the Indian Sandstone pattern.

AutoDalle is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the process of creating visually appealing and unique random paving patterns using mixed size paving slabs or floor tiles.

You’re looking for a 4 size patio pattern generator? look no further you are in the right place!

Since 2008, AutoDalle has been the only software that can create random paving patterns without cuts for all types of terraces (see the exclusion area feature), without any limitations on the number of dimensions of slabs.

The Roman Opus Pattern is obtained by randomly arranging different kinds of rectangular paving slabs so that the joint thickness is always the same. The following picture is an example of a tiled patio designed with the software.

Tiled terrace with opus or Indian sandstone pattern
Terrace tiled with Opus or Indian sandstone pattern

This patio is tiled with 4 sizes of paving slabs.

The image on the top of this page gives you two examples created by the software, the paving slabs are randomly arranged and no cutting is necessary to follow the shape of the patio.

AutoDalle is able to optimize the use of packs and calculate the quantities needed for each type of paving slab.

You are an individual or a company? You are looking for patio ideas, a paving pattern generator ? AutoDalle is the software you need to create all tile layouts for your terrace.

Examples of paving slab patterns

Here are some pictures showing examples of paving slabs patterns created with the software. 

With its excluded areas functionality, the software can process all forms of terraces, such as L-shaped terraces, paving around a swimming pool, and even more complex forms.

Watch this video that illustrates the basic operation of the paving generator

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How to create a paving layout with AutoDalle

The realization of a paving layout is simply done by following these few steps:

Select a paving model in the predefined list or create your own model by the definition of each slab size: AutoDalle is not limited in the number of paving slabs sizes.

Define the size of your terrace (18 m x 10 m maximum, 59 ft x 32 ft maximum).

Start the process and then the software perfectly adjusts all paving slabs and creates a random paving pattern in just a few seconds.

The random patio layout generated by the program can be manually adjusted by swapping group of paving slabs.

If necessary, you can apply a cutting template to the paving layout.

The 3D preview function gives a realistic view of your terrace pattern.

Finally, print the paving report, you can also export the patio layout to DXF file to import the plan into your favorite CAD software.

Watch the video below for a complete example of a paving pattern design.

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