Export a paving layout

The export feature allows you to transfer a paving layout created with AutoDalle to another software and create your own patio design ideas.

AutoDalle allows you to export paving layouts in DXF format (Drawing eXchange Format) that will give you the possibility to use the paving layout in CAD soft

DXF is a file format used for vectorial data transfert. It contains information for visualisation of graphical data and is supported by almost all CAD softwares.

This feature of AutoDalle provides users with the ability to export their paving layouts in DXF format, which opens up a world of possibilities for further customization and collaboration. DXF is a widely used file format that can be easily opened and edited in various CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software.

With the exported layout, you can import it into other design software that specializes in landscaping or architectural design. These tools often offer advanced features and a wide range of design elements, allowing you to experiment with different materials, textures, colors for your patio.

This feature allows you to seamlessly import your patio patterns, created using AutoDalle, into popular CAD software applications like AutoCAD, Blender, and more.

Small patio design imported into CAD software

indian sandstone patio
 imported into Fusion 360 via DXF export
Indian sandstone patio imported into fusion 360

Furthermore, exporting in DXF format enables users to share their designs with colleagues, clients, or contractors who may not have access to AutoDalle specifically. These recipients can open the DXF files using their preferred CAD software and make any necessary modifications or annotations.

Patio design idea imported into Blender

4 size indian sandstone pattern and patio design ideas imported into Blender via DXF export
4 size patio pattern imported into Blender via DXF export