Software modification history

Version Date Modifications 12/01/2022 Recompilation following migration of the development environment 21/03/2021 Fixed crash when creating a new model.
Online help buttons added on different tabs, access to FAQ page.
Online access optimization and controls. 30/01/2021 Update after new release of development tool. 27/05/2020 Correction of the problem with directory and missing header file in google sketchup and DXF exports. 31/03/2020 Improvement of layout algorithm and model analysis. 23/11/2019 Add of time limited discount offer.
Terrace saving: Prevent special characters in terrace name. Display a green tick symbol after correct saving. 09/06/2019 Update for Win 64 OS only.  Minor improvement in 3D preview. Removal of facebook button and ads for trial version. 22/09/2014 Correction of accented characters display in list of predefined models. 22/06/2014 Software activation: activation data can be downloaded by entering the e-mail address. 18/02/2014 Adaptation of the software and activation procedure for OS using special characters (Greek, Russian, etc …) 26/09/2013 Modification of the message in case of wrong paving model (magic wand). Add of a facebook button to access the page. 18/06/2013 The creation, modification of excluded areas and cutting templates and selection of slabs can be done with the mouse. Addition of context menus to facilitate the use of these features. 06/04/2013 Bug fix in circular cutting templates. 15/02/2013 Improvement of excluded area management. Fix of a crash 02/12/2012 Modification of the calculation of activation key (installation of PayPal instant payment notification) 22/08/2012 Improvement of the paving algorithm. Better management for “difficult” models that may give a incomplete pavement. 15/02/2012 Optimization of activation procedure in case of slow internet connection. 29/01/2012 Optimization of model download procedure in case of slow internet connection. 02/12/2011 Predefined models downloaded and updated from internet. 01/10/2011 New format for activation key. 20/09/2011 Modification of activation procedure : expiry date determined from activation date. 14/09/2011 Maximum size (length or width) of slab increased to 2m. 05/09/2011 DXF export done in AC release 13 (AC1012)
Paving report optionally printed with colored slabs.
Paving report : List of excluded areas correctly printed.
Predefined pavement models added. 20/04/2011 Improvement of model analysis.
Predefined pavement models added. 11/04/2011 Improvement of activation screen. Trailing spaces removed when copy (problem when copy from internet explorer) 07/02/2011 Slab sizes can be entered in thousandths of inches. 19/12/2010 Add function to export paving map to DXF format. 16/10/2010 Improvement of model analysis. 11/10/2010 Modification of online control of activation keys. 23/09/2010 Add of cutting template functionality.
Predefined pavement models added. 21/06/2010 Correct management of sizes in inches.
Improvement of paving algorithm (some blocking cases solved).
Report:Add list of excluded areas.
Adding of validity limitation.(internet connection required)
Adding support to the seizure of activation informations.
6.1.0 20/04/2010 Allow to have access to help in French or English (for other languages).
Translation of the program in German.
6.0.0 04/04/2010 Management of models per pack, new automatic mode and manual setting.
5.0.1 13/02/2010 Modification for Windows 7 compatibility.
5.0.0 07/02/2010 Adding functionality of model optimization.
Adding other predefined pavement models.
4.5.0 08/01/2010 Manual modification of the pavement : Inversion and rotation of groups of slabs.
4.4.0 17/11/2009 Correct management of screen resolution.
Extension of work area.
Use of retractable tabs.
Price and weight calculation.
More grid options.
Some saving issues corrected.
4.3.0 11/10/2009 Addition of help in English.
Choice of the language among French, English, Spanish, Italian.
Calculation of theoretical and exact surface values.
4.2.2 07/09/2009 Addition of help in French
4.2.1 27/08/2009 Modification for UAC Vista.
Translation of the program in Spanish.
4.2.0 22/05/2009 Detection of unusable paving model.
More predefined paving models.
4.1.0 14/05/2009 2 units of measurement possible: m/cm and ft/in.
Correction of some display and print issues in English version.
4.0.0 28/04/2009 Management of excluded areas.
3.0.0 13/03/2009 Generation of sketchup plug-in.
2.1.0 06/03/2009 Add of grid, mouse coordinates, help message(bottom of main window).
2.0.0 12/02/2009 Add of 3D-visualization window.
1.2.2 17/11/2008 Take of French-speaking OS into account.(Belgium, Switzerland)
1.2.1 13/11/2008 Modification of some error messages.
1.2.0 09/06/2008 First version – Web site opening.